White-label collections


You choose an item from one of our « White-label » collections – an assortment of objects that we designed and produced in-house or selected on the international market – and we personalize it together to suit your needs.

Your ideas in the spotlight


Do you have an idea of an object that would be a perfect ambassador for your organization? On the basis of your images, drawings, references or simple indications, we optimize and adapt the project for production, respecting your guidelines.

Custom-made creations


Are you looking for an original object that could reflect all the excellence and uniqueness of your brand? We custom design it from scratch and develop plans, mock-ups and prototypes to launch the production.

Alliance of hallmarks


Would you like an article by a leading brand to carry your signature? Designed in collaboration with partners, we will explore the possibilities of personalization together.

At the service of creators and designers


Have you designed a beautiful object or a collection that is close to your heart? We offer you support to carry out its development and production. Once the prototype is validated, your creation can also be included in the selection offered to our customers.

Personal collections


Do you have a passion or a hobby that occupies your entire life? We develop and manufacture for you, according to your desires, a whole range of items around this theme, combining creativity, exclusivity and excellence.