Artist of your image

How to chose an object that will perfectly reflect your image? How to create it in accordance with your requirements? Founded in 2012 and based in Switzerland, the In Edit New Brand Factory creative platform pursues its unique mission: to create genuinely appealing objects, for you and with you. Objects with a “soul”, that capture your essence, that are distinctive and will be loved, worn and used by your customers, who will become your best ambassadors.

Interpreter of your desires

Thanks to its rich palette of services, IENBF adapts the process of creation and production to meet your needs. From our « White-label » selections to custom-made creations, from everyday articles to extraordinary objects, we offer you a large variety of tools to convey your message. Attentive to your needs, we strive to fulfill your every wish. We also work hand in hand with designers to help them to bring their projects to life and we can create unique made-to-order pieces for private customers.

Beauty and pertinence

Connected to the beauty, IENBF puts intuition, emotion and authenticity at the heart of the design process. We deploy all our creativity and we bring together all the talents to develop striking and pertinent objects for you – unique and different, yet perfectly embodying the spirit of your brand or your organization. This approach, modern and deeply human at once, brings the customer to the forefront, fostering exchange, savoir-faire and savoir-être.

Seal of excellence

Surrounded by a network of experts cultivating respect for high-quality work, IENBF is recognized as a benchmark in its field and a label of excellence. Uncompromising with regard to quality, we select the best materials and manufacturers to make your brand shine. From the first ideas to the final prototypes, we pay attention to the smallest detail. We then make sure that every object is impeccably manufactured, regardless if it is produced in limited or larger quantities.

Toward a greener future

Facing the challenges of the present and the future, IENBF supports the principles of sustainable design and responsible consumption. Manufacturing on-demand only, we minimize the inventory and strive to conserve resources. We do our best to ensure that our materials and production processes combine refined aesthetics with limited impact on the environment. We offer you a different way to create and manufacture beautiful, useful and durable objects.


How is your approach human-centred?

We define the rules and the “value” of the exchange with our customers. We appreciate the savoir-faire of our partners and we establish a relationship of trust to cooperate. Thanks to this alliance of talents everything becomes possible, since our common aspiration is to please. Our savoir-faire reflects the intransigence of things well done, quality, word and respect of the production chain.

Hello Celine, why did you create IENBF?

I created INEDIT almost ten years ago which today becomes IENBF – the new name of the platform – aiming to interpret, design and produce beautiful objects by relying on savoir-faire, savoir-être and exchange during the realization of each article.

Today you work with prestigious clients, including the main international players in the luxury industry. How did you achieve this result?

We were able to achieve excellence thanks to everyone who surrounds me and believes in me. My vision of success is based on ethics, respect and value that we express towards the people who we work with, from the employee to the customer. This is the fruit of trust, given and received.

How do you select your collections?

What moves me the most is originality, clean lines and finishes of a product that evokes emotions and serves a purpose at once. My selection reflects my concept of beauty. I choose what appeals to me first. I further evaluate if this object can be of interest to my customers and if the values it embodies correspond to their universe and to their sensitivity. I am looking for artistic, creative and qualitative resonance.

This is custom heading element

What matters is to share, to make the creative community work and to give everyone the opportunity to fully embrace their existence, find their “ikigai”.

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It is a Japanese equivalent of « joie de vivre » and « raison d’être », a feeling of enjoyment of life and a reason for existence.

What is ENBFI's response to this concept?

Most of the creatives I meet have designed for others, but what they have come up with for themselves needs to be revealed now. Focusing on yourself, offering your essence, to further expand your activities and communicate: it is for this purpose that I chose to create IENBF.

What does IENBF offer to these designers or creative people?

Our goal is to put the platform at the service of all professional designers wishing to share their projects and sketches, in order to collaborate with our customers in full transparency.

So you value every link in this production chain?

My vision of sustainability consists in respecting the process of creation, production and remuneration. Each person involved in the realization of a project is, therefore, valued – an approach that the end customer will appreciate. I am also attached to the traceability of raw materials and I strive to work with noble materials as often as possible. The goal is to find the best compromise for everyone.

What are your current projects and challenges?

To give free rein to our passions and our imagination, we have opened a new space at Villa Castellane, in Neuchâtel – an exceptional place bringing together under one roof savoir-faire and creativity.

A message to your current and potential customers?

I continue to develop projects that capture my heart. Let’s work together to create objects blending beauty, utility and consistency with your image.